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February 2020 announcement:


After almost 13 years and hundreds of gigs, The Overdubs is coming to an end.


The four of us would like to thank everyone who has supported us all these years. All the pubs, clubs, festivals and private bookings who have had us play for you, we thank you all. We especially thank our loyal followers who come to see us whenever they can, you know who you are. Our final public gig was due to be at The Ploughman in Werrington on Friday April 3rd. Unfortunately due to the on-going COVID-19 situation this can obviously no longer go ahead. Thanks to everyone who came to our second-to-last gig at The Crown - it was great to see so many friends.


This isn’t the end though for the four of us as far as making music together goes. We will be back hopefully in the future with a new project, a new sound, and a new name. We look forward to sharing this new venture with you when we’re ready. We’ll see you soon!


Andy, Kieran, Sean & Stuart

The Overdubs